Schmidli Backdrops


Is there a demand for backdrops in your area? Consider hosting a Schmidli Backdrop collection. Add to your amenities and offer the convenience of on-site rentals.

A collection of Schmidli Backdrops comes with 12 backdrops (12' x 20') rolled on tubes. They can be delivered and stored in a custom built shipping crate (Schmidli Box) or in individual shipping tubes.

Smaller collections are also available starting with a minimum of 5 backdrops.

Visit our current vendor websites:

New York–  Studio Max 601
Atlanta–  Treehouse Photo Studio
Shanghai–  Central Studios
London–  JJ Media Group
Hamburg–  711 Rent
Sydney–  The Front

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Contact Schmidli Backdrops at or call: 323-938-2098

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