Schmidli Backdrops

About Us

Swiss-born Marco Schmidli is the founder of Schmidli Backdrops, Inc. He studied photography and fine art in Switzerland and Rome. He worked as a photographer and painter in Zurich and then in 1989 he moved to California and created Schmidli Backdrops.

Schmidli Backdrops is committed to creating inspiring backdrops. With over 2,000 pieces ranging from 4' x 4' to 40' x 60' at locations worldwide, we are able to provide backdrops for all of our clients’ needs.

Our backdrops are featured in fashion photography, celebrity portraits, music videos, films, editorials, and at red carpet events.

Marco's work is known for its sensitive surfaces and subtle textures. He has developed specialized techniques for applying and layering color. His backdrops appear in highly respected magazine publications, catalogues, and brochures, and set the standard for the modern backdrop. Consequently, many top photographers in the industry choose a Schmidli backdrop first.

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