Schmidli Backdrops

About Us

Marco Schmidli is the founder of Schmidli Backdrops, Inc. He studied photography and fine art in Switzerland, where he was born, and in Rome. Later he worked, for many years, as a photographer and painter in Zurich and then in 1989 he moved to California and created Schmidli Backdrops.

Schmidli Backdrops has created, and continues to create, awe inspiring backdrops. The backdrops are featured throughout the fashion and film production worlds for editorial photography, e-commerce, celebrity portraits, music videos, commercials, television shows, and feature films.

Our inventory, which now contains artwork, has more than 2,000 unique pieces. They range in size from smaller than 2' x 3' up to as large as 40' x 60'. Smaller collections of our backdrops are also available throughout the world at various studios we have partnered with.

Throughout an artistic career spanning more than 40 years, Marco has developed specialized techniques for applying and layering color. The backdrops are diverse in texture, color, and size and have set the industry standard for the contemporary backdrop. His commitment to creating quality artwork is why top photographers, art directors, and set designers choose Schmidli first.

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